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Talla Reservoir by Tony Jackson


Talla Reservoir by Tony Jackson.

Regular readers of our online lifestyle magazine will know what a fabulous photographer Tony is. 

"The Talla Reservoir is a body of water in the Scottish Borders, located a mile (2 km) southeast of Tweedsmuir. Extending in a northwest-southeast direction along a picturesque U-shaped valley, the reservoir has an overall length of 2 miles (3 km) and is fed by the Talla Water.

Opened in 1899, the reservoir is retained behind an earth-work dam and covers an area of 121 ha (300 acres). It was designed to supply Edinburgh with water, which flows by gravity through a 28-mile (56-km) aqueduct known as the Talla Main.

The reservoir is now operated by Scottish Water and draws its water from a catchment of 2501 ha (6180 acres). It is topped up from the nearby Fruid Reservoir, built in 1967, but its level still rises and falls significantly in response to climatic conditions," Tony.


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