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Rosemoor Gardens in Great Torrington

Rosemoor Gardens in Great Torrington, Devon

by Susan Keefe.


Rosemoor gardens in the South West of the UK will host its first ever RHS Show this coming weekend 18th to 20th August.

Rosemoor became the home of Lady Anne Palmer and her mother after the death of her father in 1931, and at that time she called the garden dull and labour intensive.

The house was used by the Red Cross as a temporary refuge for people from London’s Docklands and the East End during the bombings, however, after the Second World War, the family repossessed it and Lady Anne lived there permanently with her husband and son.

However it wasn’t until 1959 that Lady Anne gained an interest in gardening after meeting the well-known plantsman Collingwood ‘Cherry’ Ingram, in Spain, whilst her children were recuperating from Meases. Ingram sparked her interest in the beauty of the Spanish maquis, and this was the start of many expeditions around Spain and England, then to far flung places, to see plants. Ingram also invited her to his garden in Kent, and encouraged her to take cuttings back to Rosemoor to start her own garden.

Lady Anne gave Rosemoor house and its 13ha (32 acres) the RHS in 1988, and in 1989 work began on a new visitors centre. Thus began the major works which were undertaken to make Rosemoor the garden it is today.

More information on the history of Rosemoor can be found here https://www.rhs.org.uk/gardens/rosemoor/holidays-and-short-breaks/history

For those of you who fancy a quick sneak peek at the wonders of Rosemoor here is a YouTube video.


And how could I leave this lovely garden without showing you the Ned Morgan sculptures there.


(photos courtesy of pinterest)

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