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Medicine Garden in Cobham Surrey
Medicine Garden in Cobham Surrey

The Medicine Garden in Cobham, Surrey

by Susan Keefe.


It is always lovely to be able to have a full day out in one place, enjoying different things, especially if the party are different ages, and so this is why I have chosen The Medicine Garden in Surrey as my garden this week.

This former Victorian walled garden was discovered by Paul Studholme in 2006, and from then onwards it has been transformed, not only into a beautiful garden, but also a place for reflection and to inspire people to create their own little bit of heaven in their own garden.

The garden is set out on an eight point compass design, and the visitors are encouraged to walk around it looking at the plaques under each tree. Each direction highlighs an important quality which would enhance our lives, and Good medicine Wish Sticks are available if you feel you would like to wish in a stick yourself, or you can do one for a loved one if you wish and plant it in the direction you feel most appropriate.

The gardens also have a geodesic dome, a vegetable patch, decked seating areas and also a children’s play area. With a café, shops and plenty to see there is lots to do for everyone.

For more information and to see what events are being held throughout the year, please visit their website -


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