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Recent Articles on English Informer in the UK it is Sunday 19th November 2017
What TV will I be...
What TV will I be watching 18th to 24th November
  What TV will I be watching 18th to 24th November?   Ant and Dec return on Sunday at 9pm  with a dose of I'm a Celebrity .... Get Me Out of Here - new series. So if...  ...read more
Coping with a baby as a...
Coping with a baby as a parent with chronic illness
  Tips on coping with a baby as a parent with chronic illness. Over the last few weeks we’ve had a difficult spell with illness and sleepless nights with my 2 (very nearly...  ...read more
Sunshine and snow by...
Sunshine and snow by Grace McKee
  Sunshine and snow by Grace McKee.    Oil painting of a scene in Massachusetts. The winters there seemed brutal! More details of this and other paintings may be...  ...read more
TV Comedy Quiz 15th...
TV Comedy Quiz 15th November
  TV Comedy Quiz 15th November. 1 - Where was Mrs Merton first heard? 2 - What was the name of Jed Clampett's daughter in The Beverly Hillbillies? 3 - Who was the...  ...read more
The French language...
The French language
  The French Language.   Did you know that French has 100 000 words in its language, and English has over a million? Almost 40% of our English words, however, originated...  ...read more
Arley Hall...
Arley Hall
  Arley Hall and Gardens, Cheshire by Susan Keefe.   The beautiful and imposing Arly Hall is situated near Northwich,...  ...read more
Swansea Castle...
Swansea Castle
  Swansea Castle  Welsh Name: Abertawe. It is located on the east side of the city centre, facing Castle Square. The castle has five tunnel-vaulted basement...  ...read more
West Dean Gardens West...
West Dean Gardens West Sussex
  West Dean Gardens, West Sussex by Susan Keefe The original manor house of West Dean in Sussex was built in 1622 by James Lewkenor. The house we see there now was built in 1804,...  ...read more
Muncaster Gardens...
Muncaster Gardens
  Muncaster Gardens  by Susan Keefe. Muncaster Gardens in Cumbria hold a special place in my heart as I remember visiting them on my honeymoon many years ago, and...  ...read more
Burton Constable Hall...
Burton Constable Hall
  Burton Constable Hall   As East Yorkshire’s best kept secret this truly hidden gem nestled in over 300 acres of natural parkland offers visitors unrivalled access to 30...  ...read more

G Slide James...
G Slide James

Guitar player and teacher, Singer, Songwriter,...  ...read more
Real Estate Languedoc...
Real Estate Languedoc

Estate agency helping clients find their dream property in the Languedoc region....  ...read more
Bilingual Minds...
Bilingual Minds

Offering reliable linguistic services ...  ...read more
Bacon By The Box...
Bacon By The Box

Bacon by the Box brings high quality FRESH back bacon and gammon to you...  ...read more

A full service re-nesting expertise to help you enjoy your stay in France to the fullest...  ...read more

Recent Blogs
Detached country...
Detached country property for sale

Private Property Sellers Ltd are offering a detached country property ideal B&B/retreat or luxury glamping potential for sale.     A well appointed stunning...  ...read more
Wild flower garden...
Wild flower garden

  Wild Flower Garden from Gite Le Tremblay We have been enjoying very hot weather this last week as you can see with today the hottest so...  ...read more
Breton Language Courses...
Breton Language Courses

  Breton Language Courses   Breton is a Celtic language.  Its closest relative is Cornish.  Whereas Cornish is hanging on for dear life - there are fewer than...  ...read more
The Executive Assistant...
The Executive Assistant in France

  The Executive Assistant in France. It’s not easy getting back to work. My children are 9 now (yes, I have twins), they are at school and doing fine, one has some issues...  ...read more
Le Mans...
Le Mans

  Le Mans   This is the Le Mans 24hrs week. It is a fantastic time of year, the area is filled with car enthusiasts and it feels like a holiday town. For those who...  ...read more


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