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What Vegetables Can I Sow in July

What Vegetables Can I Sow in July?


At the moment I have noticed a lot of people asking what vegetables seeds they can sow in the ground now, well here are a few suggestions. However, remember that you will have to water regularly, and to ensure they are watered if you are going on holiday.

You can sow Asian greens, such as Chinese cabbage, Chinese broccoli, mizuna, mibuna, pak choi, choy sum, etc., which are fast growing and are ideal for summer salads and stir fries.

Another tasty salad leaf is Land cress which is hardy and is like watercress


If you are vigilant looking for caterpillars Kale can be sown now and the first small leave can be added to salads in August/ September and you can also leave some of the plants to mature for later.

A stunning addition to the vegetable patch are the eye-catching Rainbow or Bright lights chards, if you sow them quickly now they can be harvested in late summer to winter and early spring


You can also sow root vegetables such as beetroot, carrots, radishes and spring onions now.

Of course herbs come into their own in the summer and coriander, dill, lovage, parsley, and chervil. You will have to be quick I you want to sow basil, however, now is the ideal time to sow fennel


I hope I have given you some ideas to inspire you to get out on your patch and not only harvest, but sow some more seeds for the future.


Please send your questions to - editor@englishinformerintheuk.com

Article by Susan Keefe 

RHS Qualified Gardener

Qualified in Garden Landscape, Design and Planting.



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