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Update on Traditional Cream Tea Weekend

Update on Traditional Cream Tea Weekend

Did you attend the traditional cream tea weekend to help raise funds in aid of cancer? 


"We had a wonderful Cream Tea Weekend and were blessed  with hot sunshine and clear blue skies. Some 230+ people came along to sample our home made scones. Thanks to the amazing generosity of our many sponsors our raffle offered 188 excellent prizes + 3 Special Super Prizes worth in turn 120€, 175€ & £200.

The Cream Tea Weekend raised some 4,000€ including the Raffle ( which raised 2,437€ ).

The Chinese New Year meals, Indian and in May the Thai meals raised over 1,750€. Combined with monies raised at the weekly "Drop-In", I'm delighted to report that we shall be able to present a cheque in the sum of 8,150€ to Dr Philippe Lefèvre, Chef de Service, Dépt d'Oncologie, Centre Hospitalier d'Angoulême within the next ten days.

I am indebted to so many people for their help and support and I fervently hope that long may we all work together to continue our efforts to help those who live with and battle against cancer."


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