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The Trouble with Duckweed

The Trouble with Duckweed......

Hi everyone,

So what is the trouble with duckweed? The trouble is that it looks like grass!!!!

Those of you who have read Toby’s Tails – Still Wagging, will remember that when I was only 6 months old I ran straight into a pond covered with Duckweed because I thought it was grass, and last Sunday, 8 years later, I did the same thing again.

There I am, happily bumbling down the tow path enjoying the sunshine at La Suze Sur Sarthe.



Then would you believe it, seconds after this photo was taken I turned around and trotted back a bit, then went down cobbled bank to have a nice cool drink, or so I thought, at the end of the grass, in the reeds…

Well you’ve guessed it, it wasn’t grass, it was duckweed, and what made matters worse was that I was going flat out and so had to swim in a circle to get out, Mum was so worried!

Luckily I had a good shake and managed to get a lot of the duckweed out of my coat, but the car was very smelly, and Mum and Dad both blamed me, they even said that the cow manure on the fields smelt better than I did!



Never mind, I dried off quite quickly, but I won’t be caught out again, a little bit later we stopped at Solesmes and they tried to convince me that the boat ramp was made of concrete, but I wasn’t going to be tricked again!


You can’t always trust what you think you see.

Bye for now – Toby


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