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Talking with author Margaret A Daly

Talking with author Margaret A. Daly.

Hello Margaret.
Hi Susan! Thank you for the taking the time out of your busy schedule to interview me! The opportunity to be listed with you is rather exciting for me.  You see, I live in a valley. My hometown is nestled in between two hills located in the state of New York, US. It’s wonderful to reach out to the great folks in the UK and hopefully gain some new friends there. 

Can you tell my readers where your inspiration to write came from?
My inspiration to begin writing again came from a friend, John Parsons. He is another author who resides in the same small village as me. I read his book and loved it. The wheels started turning immediately, almost like I had awoken from a haze filled dream and remembered my childhood dream. 

I had thought about writing since I was just a little girl. I loved stories of grandeur that took me away from my reality. My life was not the easiest, even when I was small. We were not wealthy and of course there were some serious personal struggles from traumatic experiences. My childhood turned me into another person, I believe that the past shaped who I had become. 

I pushed my truths into the deepest parts of my mind, but they were still there just waiting to strike out. And strike out they did. 

So when I decided to write again, at first I wanted to pen a memoir of sorts. But I couldn’t do it, it was way too painful to relive everything. Instead I chose one particular point in my life that was a turning point and began to weave a story line, a supernatural fantasy. 

Writing Dusgadh: Essence of Life was therapeutic for me. Everything that is in the book is tied to something that I experienced in one way or another. The average reader won’t recognize this, as they don’t know my background, but maybe now they will pick up on some of my struggles and life altering events. 

Tell us more about your books and 'becoming famous'.
Becoming famous…hmmm…I knew that I wasn’t going to become famous overnight, but a girl can dream right! As an optimist, I still hold out hopes that a huge publishing company will come along and pick me up. Yet as a realist, I’m not holding my breath. There are way more talented authors out there than me who haven’t been picked up.

My book Dusgadh: Essence of Life (Book One Of The Awakening Series) is available at most online retailers in most all countries in eBook and Paperback format. The word Dusgadh comes from the old world, it is Scottish Gaelic and it literally translates to awakening. So if you think about it, the book is titled perfectly. I had an awakening when I realized the ties that bound me to my past, couldn’t hold me to the place I had come to know as my life.

Since Amazon is the most popular it seems, here’s the link to that book  - http://ow.ly/VcAWQ 
Dusgadh: Essence of Life
, is my favorite of my published books.

Can you tell readers about how another book came about?
In a twist of sorts, my eldest daughter (7 at the time, now 8) liked what I was doing. Like most little girls, she wanted to do what “mommy” was doing. Alexandria wanted to write a book too. Why not? Right? This was one of the most fun things I’ve done. I am so proud of my little girl! She came up with a story, I helped her outline the points and we developed a children’s book. My other two young ones, along with two of my nieces helped me with the art work for the book. The children’s story is a true family project!

Sapphire & Me: A beautiful Friendship, is about a little girl and her best friend, Sapphire. Sapphire is a fictional snake character based on a real life pet! You guessed it my daughter has a snake for a pet! A Ball Python about 3 ½ feet long to be exact. The snake’s real name is Saturn and she was given to us by the owner of a pet store. This man generosity has changed my daughter’s life forever!  Again, here is the Amazon Universal Link: http://ow.ly/VcBqO

I am currently working on the second book of The Awakening Series, which is proving to be a difficult journey. Originally my plans were to have this second book completed by now, this is not the case sadly. Nevertheless I will conquer my past, and pen my second supernatural fantasy with the hopes of having it published in early 2016.

Are your family supportive in your work?
My family has been the most supportive family I could have asked for. My children, from my oldest son Nicholas to my youngest son Colin, and the two girls in the middle are the best things that have ever happened to me. My husband Josh, well he is an amazing man! If you have read my first book, you will have read my acknowledgement and dedication page and you will understand what I mean. If you haven’t read it you can take a glimpse ‘into the book’ on Amazon. 

I want to thank you again for this opportunity Susan! I feel as though I have just had another self-therapy session. 

That is my pleasure Margaret.
Many thanks for Taking the Time to Talk.



My websites: Author Website http://margaretadaly.weebly.com/

Imagine The Possibilities http://dusgadh.weebly.com/

My Social Networking links are below! I would love to connect with some more people across the globe!

FB https://www.facebook.com/Dusgadh/timeline
Twitter https://twitter.com/mdaly_margaret
Google+  google.com/+MargaretDalyDusgadh
Pinterest https://www.pinterest.com/mdgeneseo/
Tumblr http://zealousdreamartisan.tumblr.com/
BingBing http://www.thebingbing.com/me/showcase
Meet The Author at Rukia Publishing http://www.rukiapublishing.com/meet-the-author-margaret-daly.html

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