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General Knowledge Quiz 12th October
General Knowledge Quiz 12th October

General Knowledge Quiz 12th October

1 - Which American novelist wrote The Call of The Wild and White Fang?

2 - What is the UK's chief ferry port for the Continent?

3 - Which saint is sometimes known as the Bishop of Hippo?

4 - How many triangular points or chevrons are there on a backgammon board?

5 - Which famous horror story was written by Bram Stoker?

6 - Of which African country is Harare the capital?

7 - What does lepidopterist study or collect?

8 - Who painted 1878's Snow at Louveciennes?

9 - To which carnivorous mammal does the adjective vulpine relate?

10 - What is the capital of Romania?

11 - Which French New Wave film director made Les Biches and Le Boucher?

12 - For which British contralto singer did Sir Edward Elgar compose his Sea Pictures?

13 - Which corrosion-resistant alloy was substituted for silver alloy in British coins in 1946?

14 - In which European country is the cathedral city of Breda?

15 - Which king of England founded Eton College and King's College, Cambridge?

16 - By what name was Italian baroque painter Michelangelo Merisi known?

17 - Which German Nazi politician founded the Gestapo?

18 - Which British actor played horror film director James Whale in the film Gods and Monsters?

19 - In which year was singer Placido Domingo born?

20 - Which Shakespeare play features the characters Sir Toby Belch and Sir Andrew Aguecheek?

Answers will be posted here on Thursday 19th October

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