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Catchphrases Quiz 11th January
Catchphrases Quiz 11th January

Catchphrases Quiz 11th January.

1 - Who in Dad's Army used to groan "We're doomed, we're doomed"?

2 - Whose catchphrase was: "Ooooh, you are awful!"?

3 - Who used to say "Nick nick"?

4 - Who would scream: "I 'ate you Butler"?

5 - Who always called his wife a "silly old moo"?

6 - Which Dad's Army character used to say: "Permission to speak, sir"?

7 - Who said: "Ooh, Betty"?

8 - Which quiz show host first said: "Your starter for ten"?

9 - Who referred to his father as "you dirty old man"?

10 - Which cartoon character used to grimace: "Ooh, my toe bone"?

11 - Which TV presenter would insist: "And I mean that most sincerely, folks"?

12 - Who used to say at the start of Opportunity Knocks: "Thank you tremendously, friends"?

13 - Which chat show host was mimicked for beginning questions "You are, are you not......."?

14 - On which show was "Here comes the judge" heard?

15 - Which Python in military uniform would interrupt a sketch with : "This is getting very silly"?

16 - Whose catchphrase is "Nice to see you, to see you nice"?

17 - Which Sunday Night at the London Palladium compere's catchphrase was "You lucky people"?

18 - Whose cathphrase was: "Before your very eyes"?

Answers will be posted here on 18th January 2018.

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