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Answers to The Sports Quiz 3rd January
Answers to The Sports Quiz 3rd January

Answers to The Sports Quiz 3rd January.

1 - Which soccer club started as the St Domingo Church Sunday School club?
A - Everton

2 - Which England cricketer was offered the vacant throne of Albania?
A - C. B. Fry

3 - Who won seven swimming goals at the Munich Olympics in 1972?
A - Mark Spitz

4 - Who invented the term 'gamesmanship'?
A - Stephen Potter

5 - Which tennis master was brought up in New York but born in Germany?
A - John McEnroe

6 - What sport is portrayed in Walt Disney's The Happiest Millionaire?
A - Boxing

7 - Which soccer club's ground is literally a stone's throw from the Thames?
A - Fulham

8 - Who were the three Ws?
A - Worrell, Walcott and Weekes

9 - How many times did Lester Piggott win the Derby?
A - Nine

10 - How many points have been scored in tennis if the umpire calls 'love'?
A - None

11 - What was President Eisenhower's favourite game?
A - Golf

12 - Name the two British athletes on whom the flim Chariots of Fire was based?
A - Harold Abrahams and Eric Liddell

13 - Who is the chief soccer reporter of the Sunday Times?
A - Brian Glanville

14 - What is cricket's answer to the Bible?
A - Wisden's Almanack

15 - Which sport has been described as 'a form of aquatic gymnastics'?
A - Synchronized swimming

16 - What is the oldest international sproting trophy?
A - The Americans Cup (yacht racing)

17 - What was known as 'Enery's Ammer?
A - Henry Cooper's left hook

18 - Which Hitchcock film features a tennis match?
A - Strangers on a train

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