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Answers to African and European Geography Quiz
Answers to African and European Geography Quiz
Answers to The African and European Geography Quiz

1 - Which body of water separates the Horn of Africa and the Arabian peninsula?
A - The Gulf of Aden

2 - Lake Kariba is located on the boarders of Zimbabwe and which other country?
A - Zambia

3 - Which major island lies in the Indian Ocean opposite the coast of Mozambique?
A - Madagascar

4 - The construction of which dam on the River Nile created the world's largest artificial lake?
A - The Aswan High Dam

5 - Ndjalena is the capital of which country, a former part of French Equatorial Africa?
A - Chad

6 - Port Sudan stands on the shore of which body of water?
A - The Red Sea

7 - Cyrenaica is a region of which country?
A - Libya

8 - Which capital city stands on the confluence of the Blue Nile and White Nile?
A - Khartoum

9 - What is the name for the city of Al Qahirah in English-speaking countries?
A - Cairo

10 - With its capital at Windhoek and its main seaport at Walvis Bay, which country, a former German colony, was once known as South West Africa?
A - Nambia

11 - The Dodecanese Islands are located in which sea?
A - The Aegean Sea

12 - Which town is the seaport for Athens?
A - Piraeus

13 - What is the present day name for the Adriatic town known as Ragusa in ancient times?
A - Dubrovnik

14 - In which country is Lake Inari?
A - Finland

15 - The Monte Rosa massif straddles the frontier of which two countries?
A - Italy and Switzerland

16 - Mount Triglav is the highest mountain of which country?
A - Slovenia

17 - What is the northernmost point in continental Europe?
A - The North Cape, Norway

18 - Which sea strait separates Denmark and Sweden?
A - The Kattegat

19 - What is the name of the Russian enclave on the Baltic Sea which is enclosed by Poland and Lithuania?
A - Kaliningrad

20 - At 233,000 square miles, which is Europe's largest country (Russia excluded)?
A - Ukraine

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