English Informer in the UK

English Informer in the UK


Renestance offers full-service re-nesting expertise to help you enjoy your stay in France to the fullest.

There are many different types of nests in France: old stone village houses, modern apartments in high-rises, historic homes with parquet floors, mouldings and marble fireplaces, modern villas with swimming pools…you name it, it can be found.

You also have many choices in terms of geography: along the coast, among the vineyards, in the city centre, in a quaint village. And of course, you’ll need to decide whether you want to rent or purchase, if renting – how long, furnished or unfurnished, etc.

Renestance® can assist you from the starting point of determining the answers to those questions, through the housing search and right on to signing the lease or title.

Moving to a new area can be tricky, especially if it’s a foreign country with a different language! Renestance’s team of experts will help you get settled into your new life in France. Our knowledge of the country, the language, and administrative procedures means you can relax while we do the work. Even if you arrived a while ago, getting some assistance with the following items can be a relief:

Stay visas
Drivers licences
Car registration
Health insurance
Property search
Renovation projects

We can also help you find English-speaking service providers from medical practitioners to mechanics to hair and beauty professionals. Whatever your need, we’ll put you in touch with people who can understand you.

And if you need help communicating with French speakers, we can assist with consumer issues, phone calls, or even interpretation when necessary. We can also provide written translations for all of that important paperwork.

Take full advantage of the extraordinary quality of life here in the South of France. Whatever your interests are, Renestance’s experienced Activity Coordinator will assist you in pursuing them while meeting like-minded people at the same time. We will share our knowledge of the area and plan outings so that you can discover the treasures of Languedoc Roussillon. Leveraging our experience in tourism, we can also plan excursions to other regions in France or even to other countries.

Let us help you live your retirement dream.

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18 rue des Flamants Roses

Tel:0033 411 932 599
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Where do I start? I first met Dennelle and Renestance online when I was exploring the idea of moving to Europe. I had spent some time in Europe when I was in the US military and had learned to love the European way of life. And as they can attest, I have a great interest in European history (to put it mildly). We corresponded through emails over the past 14 months, this also included a visit last Octobre. During all this time, the Renestance team were very professional, courteous, and extremely helpful. If they did not have answers immediately (very rare), they were quick to get them. They helped me to keep focused on my dream. I arrived in Montpellier one day after my 60th birthday. My dream has become reality thanks to Renestance. There are not enough "kudos" I could give to Dennelle, Nicole, Jennifer, and everyone else associated with this organization. I guess you can say that I have arrived at my "somewhere over the rainbow" thanks to Renestance.

Professional , prompt and efficient . Thank you

I engaged Renestance a few weeks before i arrived in France and right from the beginning felt that i could trust the representatives. Distance wasn't a problem, I received regular updates on what i needed to arrange and with whom; and what Renestance would undertake on my behalf. They made things easy and provided regular updates and recommendations on what was needed. I felt that I was receiving individual attention and that was re-assuring. What they achieved in the short time that i was in France was amazing and the level of service continues. Had I known about Renestance before the settlement of my purchase, i would have engaged them to assist in my acquisition. I highly recommend their services.

What we liked best about the service: The speed, efficiency and professional manner of your colleague who handled our case. Very satisfied. [Chasing notaire for completion of their sale + gestionnaire for payment of leaseback rent]

In these days of many complaints I would just like to say all is not lost! Not being the best French speaker in the world I was totally daunted by the thoughts of changing my English driving license to a French one.. The old paper license, with no photo card!!.. In a different name.. At an address I haven't lived in for nearly 17years wasn't helping my confidence much ... To my rescue, from "Renestance", came Nicole Hammond. She has been the most amazing help and totally professional throughout the whole process. I opted for the full package which meant Nicole did everything including getting translations where necessary. All I had to do was provide her with the basic information and she did the rest. From start to me being able to pick my new licence up was about one month. Many thanks Nicole ..

I would not hesitate to recommend the administrative services offered by Renestance and the very competent Nicole Hammond whose expertise and advice was invaluable in helping me obtain my Carte Vitale, from putting together the necessary dossier to personally walking me through the actual process.

Very friendly and personable but, at the same time, knowledgable, professional and reliable. Willing to assist on a 'best endeavours' basis, despite our requirements being a little out of the ordinary!


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