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English Informer in the UK


Luxury Chocolates, biscuits and treats lovingly handmade just for you

Here at Chocoterie we pride ourselves on making unique high quality chocolate and biscuit products. Our products are genuinely handmade with love and care so that we can give our customers the best service and best quality money can buy.

I have always loved cooking and some of my earliest memories are of cooking in the kitchen with my mum. I remember standing on a stool so that I could reach the kitchen table to mix a marble cake drizzling in the pink food colouring and making patterns in the batter.

Although I always had an interest in cooking and eating (especially), I never in my wildest dreams imagined that one day I would be a chocolatier. But here I am, making my own artisan chocolates, biscuits and special treats!. Even though some days are a ‘bad chocolate day’ I love my job and now wouldn’t choose to do anything else.Life has taken me on many paths, but chocolate without doubt is the best.

In 2010 to 2014 I lived in France. We then had to return to the UK for 2 years. In October 2016 we moved back to France, where we now plan to stay for good.

Being a Chocolatier in France is not without it’s challenges, but I like a challenge….so here I am.. so it’s ‘chocolat fait à la main’ from now on. The rest they say is history.

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