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Our retreat and nuitrition is based on three main principles


At Gourmet Yogi will base our retreats and nutritional consultations of three main principles
Eat to Heal Your Body

The body is amazing, it will always try and find the best option to preserve itself. But this constant battle  takes its toll on our bodies and we need to aid it, not constantly create more challenges.  By regularly detoxing we give our bodies the break it needs to heal and replenish. Almost all illness is a result of inflammation or immune deficiency. By detoxing we can remove the foods that are the primary causes of these inflammatory conditions, giving the body chance to heal.  Once eliminated from the body we can introduce nutrient dense foods that build its store and boost our immune system.

Eat for Life

We believe that a plant based diet is one of the most pure, nutritious and delicious forms of cuisine. This is a diet that  delivers optimal amounts of nutrients, life (prana) and energy to the body.

It’s a diet which creates health and vitality, supplying your system with ample energy, physical strength, strong digestion, effortless elimination, crystal-clear mental focus, and sharp memory, along with other physiological, emotional, and mental benefits.

It is now clearly documented that we are slowly killing ourselves through our food. Lifeless, processed, chemical laden food is going to make you feel ……lifeless! Feeling bloated, struggling with IBS, and completely lacking energy, is so common that it has started to become the normality. It effects all areas of our life, from weight problems, low libido and premature aging, chronic health problems etc….

At Gourmet Yogi we aim to give you the information and tools to help you introduce and embrace the power and life of a Plant Based Diet. On our Raw Food and Yoga Retreats we offer hands on cookery lessons, to give you the skills to take away with you. Our nutritional workshops give you the information to create a balanced eating plan that can be incorporated into everyday life. Easy to follow recipes that are quick, nutritious and extremely delicious!

Eat with Compassion

Eating with compassion means making choices that benefit you, others and our environment.

There are a multitude of good reasons to make the decision to Eat with Compassion. Firstly, when you aim to Eat for Life, you aim to consume food that is packed full of life, pure and devoid of suffering. Plant based diets are our healthiest option, this is largely due to the positive effect on such things as blood pressure, diabetes and heart related illnesses. However, plant based diets also connect with our emotional and spiritual health. Humans are social animals with unmatched higher reasoning abilities and cruelty doesn’t sit well in the psyche. Unlike many fellow animals, humans can consciously choose to lessen the suffering of those around them.

Compassion for the Environment : The process of animal slaughter causes more greenhouse gas emission than transportation, and is a leading cause of global climate change. Currently, one third of the world’s cereal crop goes to feed the 60 billion farm animals reared every year to produce meat, eggs and dairy products – the majority of them on factory farms.

With increasing strain on the world’s natural resources and millions of people unable to feed themselves, we think it’s unsustainable and morally questionable to continue rearing so many farm animals in such intensive systems and feeding them crops which could be used for human needs.

Not only that, factory farming produces large amounts of waste (often polluting local water sources) and increases the risk of spreading animal disease.

Adopting a plant based diet  is  a more environmentally conscious decision , than even driving a hybrid car. While the effects of factory farming are a consensus observation, don’t expect to see it mentioned often. Industry has a vested interest in not disseminating this information because of the astronomical money it makes from meat production.