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Recent Articles on English Informer in the UK it is Saturday 24th February 2018
Set up your documents...
Set up your documents for success spaced out
  Set up your documents for success: spaced out   Setting up your document for success: line spacing and paragraphs In the last blog post I looked at fonts, or typefaces...  ...read more
Sloths Life in the Slow...
Sloths Life in the Slow Lane by Dr Rebecca Cliffe
  Sloths: Life in the Slow Lane  by Dr Rebecca Cliffe  This is an absolutely stunning book which is full of interesting information about these amazing...  ...read more
The Four Year Old and...
The Four Year Old and the Tarpaulin
  The Four Year Old and the Tarpaulin. ©Phillip ap Tudur   Growing up at Llansamlet, a suburb on the A 48 north-east of Swansea was, at the very least, stimulating. Steam,...  ...read more
Mountain Pass North...
Mountain Pass North Wales by Angela Cartner
  Mountain pass, North Wales by Angela Cartner. In soft pastels Talking with artist Angela Cartner...  ...read more
Yellow peony by Grace...
Yellow peony by Grace McKee
  Yellow peony by Grace McKee. Oil painting of a yellow peony.  I had a shady spot in my "English" garden in Sedona, Arizona, where I was able to grow a variety...  ...read more
Bodiam Castle...
Bodiam Castle
  Bodiam Castle in East Sussex 14th century Bodiam Castle is one of Britain's most picturesque and romantic ancient monuments. It was built in 1385 by Sir Edward...  ...read more
Burton Constable Hall...
Burton Constable Hall
  Burton Constable Hall   As East Yorkshire’s best kept secret this truly hidden gem nestled in over 300 acres of natural parkland offers visitors unrivalled access to 30...  ...read more
Arley Hall...
Arley Hall
  Arley Hall and Gardens, Cheshire by Susan Keefe.   The beautiful and imposing Arly Hall is situated near Northwich,...  ...read more
The Eden Project...
The Eden Project
  The Eden Project  by Susan Keefe.   This wonderful place to spend the day, or even two or three, has got to be one of my all-time places to go to in Cornwall at any...  ...read more
Muncaster Gardens...
Muncaster Gardens
  Muncaster Gardens  by Susan Keefe. Muncaster Gardens in Cumbria hold a special place in my heart as I remember visiting them on my honeymoon many years ago, and...  ...read more

Susan Keefe author...
Susan Keefe author

Susan May Keefe well known children's author...  ...read more
Dielle Ciesco...
Dielle Ciesco

Teaching workshops, writes, sings, makes art, & works one on one with clients...  ...read more
Something Cosy...
Something Cosy

Offering a colourful range of bespoke, handknitted tea cosies. ...  ...read more
Charente Immobilier...
Charente Immobilier

A real estate agency based in Jarnac, France....  ...read more
Bilingual Minds...
Bilingual Minds

Offering reliable linguistic services ...  ...read more

Recent Blogs
Spacious renovated stone...
Spacious renovated stone house for sale

Charente Immobilier are offering a charming and spacious renovated stone house for sale. This pretty four bedroom detached stone house has a huge living room, a second living room...  ...read more
Where to Meet for a...
Where to Meet for a First Date

  Where to Meet for a First Date As part of our continued guide to Expat Dating, this week we focus on where to go on your first date. This guide is designed to ease the stress of...  ...read more
Parcel delivery to...
Parcel delivery to France

Parcel Hop helps you to arrange the parcels you want to send to France. Our company has been providing a top notch courier service, bringing your parcels from right here in the United...  ...read more
For sale 3 bed Brittany...
For sale 3 bed Brittany house

Bel Air Homes are offering a 3 bedroom property in 56220 Saint-Gravé, Brittany for sale.     Rez-de-chaussée / Ground floor...  ...read more

  Perception: Why Not Rose Colored Glasses? If everything is a matter of perception, through what lens do I see the world? It is a question I have been asking myself lately and...  ...read more


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