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Recent Articles on English Informer in the UK it is Monday 24th October 2016
A time to reflect...
A time to reflect
Anniversaries are always a good time to reflect on the past. Did we make the right decision in coming to France, all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, 11 years ago...  ...read more
A Springtime Retreat in...
A Springtime Retreat in SW France
  Awakening The Writer Within - A Springtime Retreat in South West France. Date - 24th April 2017 at 18:00 to 28th April 2017 at 14:00 Location -...  ...read more
Bonjour Perth Festival...
Bonjour Perth Festival
Bonjour Perth Festival, Western Australia     Greetings from the land down under, a land of sun, sand, and surf and, it turns out, a love of France. This...  ...read more
Sherlock Holmes and the...
Sherlock Holmes and the Autumn of Terror 25
          CHAPTER XXV: THE “DOUBLE EVENT” -- ACT I; “Long Liz”  30 September, 1888.  Dutfield’s...  ...read more
Dressing Up Your Dog for...
Dressing Up Your Dog for Halloween
  Dressing Up Your Dog for Halloween After talking about dog coats last week, and with Halloween just a week away, I thought it would be nice to get some ideas of how...  ...read more
Travelodge Stansted...
Travelodge Stansted
  Travelodge Stansted Great Dunmow by Susan Keefe.   We don’t go away very often, with my husband in a wheelchair and our Border Collie Toby our...  ...read more
Beth Chatto Gardens...
Beth Chatto Gardens
  Beth Chatto Gardens in Elmstead Market, Essex by Paul Williams. We recently spent a very pleasant afternoon at the Beth Chatto Gardens in Essex. The...  ...read more
Mont Orgueil Castle...
Mont Orgueil Castle
  Mont Orgueil Castle - Jersey.   Over 800 year old medieval castle which overlooks the beautiful fishing village of Gorey. Amazing views over the sea to the...  ...read more
Talla Reservoir by Tony...
Talla Reservoir by Tony Jackson
  Talla Reservoir by Tony Jackson. Regular readers of our online lifestyle magazine will know what a fabulous photographer Tony is.  "The Talla...  ...read more
La Hougue Bie...
La Hougue Bie
  La Hogue Bie - Jersey. La Hougue Bie is one of the ten oldest buildings in the world. A Passage Grave with a largely intact mound situated 2.5km west of Gorey on...  ...read more

Curry Pax...
Curry Pax

Providing quality sauces and spice blends...  ...read more

linking language to learning and life...  ...read more

A full service re-nesting expertise to help you enjoy your stay in France to the fullest...  ...read more
Moulin Latour...
Moulin Latour

B&B accommodation located in the Dordogne...  ...read more
Le Hutereau...
Le Hutereau

Gite accommodation in Pays de Loire...  ...read more

Recent Blogs
Contemporary French...
Contemporary French house near Angouleme for sale

Charente Immobilier is offering this attractive French contemporary house near Angouleme for sale. This 3-bedroom house, with studio apartment and swimming pool, is just 500m from the...  ...read more
Four bedroom house for...
Four bedroom house for sale in Brittany

Bel Air Homes are offering this French 4 bedroom house for sale. It is located in 56500 Radenac, Brittany. Rez-de-chaussée / Ground floor : Hall Salon-séjour -...  ...read more
Detached French Longere...
Detached French Longere for sale

Private Property Sellers Ltd is offering for sale this attractive detached longere with land and stone outbuilding. Property ID 3641 Link to property -...  ...read more
Day 7 with the Voice of...
Day 7 with the Voice of Love in a World of Fear

  36 Days with the Voice of Love in a World of Fear.   Day 7 An ongoing personal exploration of Divine Guidance and distinguishing between the voice of fear and the...  ...read more
Equestrian property for...
Equestrian property for sale 22160 St Nicodeme

  Equestrian property for sale, 22160 St Nicodeme, Brittany. Private Seller.   Reduced sale price - EUR 190,000   A rare opportunity to purchase a...  ...read more


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