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Recent Articles on English Informer in the UK it is Sunday 22nd April 2018
Talking with author...
Talking with author Hunter S Jones
  Talking with author Hunter S. Jones   Can you tell readers why did you decide to become an author? First, thank you for featuring me on your site! I’m delighted to...  ...read more
Ronan was right...
Ronan was right
  Ronan was right I suppose if my life wasn’t as unbelievable as a soap opera I wouldn’t have enough material to write here; but I do wish I had at least short periods of...  ...read more
The French would laugh...
The French would laugh at such a question
I’ve never liked practical jokes. So April Fools’ Day for me is a stupid tradition. In France in 1508 poet Eloy d’Aqueval called it Poisson d’Avril. Perhaps the news...  ...read more
Mumbai Matinee by Ajay...
Mumbai Matinee by Ajay Kaul
  Mumbai Matinee by Ajay Kaul The magical lure of Mumbai. Ajay Kaul is an Engineering Manager who received his degree from the Indian Institute of Technology in Roorkee, and his...  ...read more
New Silly Season...
New Silly Season
  Fall Start New Silly Season ? Nov 17. It seems like only yesterday that Mr Junkyard was getting uppity ! I had no idea that whilst I was labouring over the keyboard the boy himself...  ...read more
The Eden Project...
The Eden Project
  The Eden Project  by Susan Keefe.   This wonderful place to spend the day, or even two or three, has got to be one of my all-time places to go to in Cornwall at any...  ...read more
Burton Constable Hall...
Burton Constable Hall
  Burton Constable Hall   As East Yorkshire’s best kept secret this truly hidden gem nestled in over 300 acres of natural parkland offers visitors unrivalled access to 30...  ...read more
Swansea Castle...
Swansea Castle
  Swansea Castle  Welsh Name: Abertawe. It is located on the east side of the city centre, facing Castle Square. The castle has five tunnel-vaulted basement...  ...read more
Muncaster Gardens...
Muncaster Gardens
  Muncaster Gardens  by Susan Keefe. Muncaster Gardens in Cumbria hold a special place in my heart as I remember visiting them on my honeymoon many years ago, and...  ...read more
Near the village...
Near the village Legburthwaite
  Near the village Legburthwaite by Tony Jackson. Regular readers of our online lifestyle magazine will know what a fabulous photographer Tony...  ...read more

Something Cosy...
Something Cosy

Offering a colourful range of bespoke, handknitted tea cosies. ...  ...read more
Charente Immobilier...
Charente Immobilier

A real estate agency based in Jarnac, France....  ...read more
Susan Keefe author...
Susan Keefe author

Susan May Keefe well known children's author...  ...read more
Bilingual Minds...
Bilingual Minds

Offering reliable linguistic services ...  ...read more
Dielle Ciesco...
Dielle Ciesco

Teaching workshops, writes, sings, makes art, & works one on one with clients...  ...read more

Recent Blogs
Town house for sale...
Town house for sale

Private Property Sellers Ltd are offering a town house within walking distance of all amenities for sale.   This house is in walking distance to the market and historic town...  ...read more
Saroche hotel barge...
Saroche hotel barge

  Saroche hotel barge. Special Offer Under new ownership for 2016 France as it should be seen! Last charter dates for 2016: August 21; October 23 Highlights Wine...  ...read more
2 bed house part of...
2 bed house part of luxurious resort development for sale

French Properties Direct have a well appointed 2 bedroom house which is, part of a luxurious resort development, for sale.     Just half an hour from Carcassonne,...  ...read more
Why choose Bilingual...
Why choose Bilingual Minds

  Why choose Bilingual Minds?   Well, because we are uniquely qualified. • The linguists in this company have been fully immersed in French and...  ...read more
4 bed house at Priziac...
4 bed house at Priziac in Brittany for sale

Bel Air Homes have a 4 bed house at Priziac in Brittany for sale. Rez-de-chaussée / Ground floor : Hall Salon - séjour - 42 m² Cuisine / Salle...  ...read more


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