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Recent Articles on English Informer in the UK it is Thursday 22nd February 2018
   Vocabulaire Another observation on how words are used here in France. For some time I've been aware at a subliminal level that the state and the media uses words for public...  ...read more
The Four Year Old and...
The Four Year Old and the Tarpaulin
  The Four Year Old and the Tarpaulin. ©Phillip ap Tudur   Growing up at Llansamlet, a suburb on the A 48 north-east of Swansea was, at the very least, stimulating. Steam,...  ...read more
Celebrating Progress...
Celebrating Progress
  Celebrating Progress. Half way through February already and the winter is in full swing. I love the clear, cold mornings that lend themselves to beautiful sunrises and...  ...read more
Set up your documents...
Set up your documents for success spaced out
  Set up your documents for success: spaced out   Setting up your document for success: line spacing and paragraphs In the last blog post I looked at fonts, or typefaces...  ...read more
New Release Hosting...
New Release Hosting Hapless Helpers The Ultimate Guide
  HOSTING HAPLESS HELPERS - THE ULTIMATE GUIDE   by KAREN LUFF Now you can discover the truth about what it is like to host helpers for your projects in your own...  ...read more
The Eden Project...
The Eden Project
  The Eden Project  by Susan Keefe.   This wonderful place to spend the day, or even two or three, has got to be one of my all-time places to go to in Cornwall at any...  ...read more
Near the village...
Near the village Legburthwaite
  Near the village Legburthwaite by Tony Jackson. Regular readers of our online lifestyle magazine will know what a fabulous photographer Tony...  ...read more
West Dean Gardens West...
West Dean Gardens West Sussex
  West Dean Gardens, West Sussex by Susan Keefe The original manor house of West Dean in Sussex was built in 1622 by James Lewkenor. The house we see there now was built in 1804,...  ...read more
Medicine Garden in...
Medicine Garden in Cobham Surrey
  The Medicine Garden in Cobham, Surrey by Susan Keefe.   It is always lovely to be able to have a full day out in one place, enjoying different things, especially if the...  ...read more
Rosemoor Gardens in...
Rosemoor Gardens in Great Torrington
  Rosemoor Gardens in Great Torrington, Devon by Susan Keefe.   Rosemoor gardens in the South West of the UK will host its first ever RHS Show this coming weekend 18th to...  ...read more

Charente Immobilier...
Charente Immobilier

A real estate agency based in Jarnac, France....  ...read more
Something Cosy...
Something Cosy

Offering a colourful range of bespoke, handknitted tea cosies. ...  ...read more
Bilingual Minds...
Bilingual Minds

Offering reliable linguistic services ...  ...read more
Dielle Ciesco...
Dielle Ciesco

Teaching workshops, writes, sings, makes art, & works one on one with clients...  ...read more
Susan Keefe author...
Susan Keefe author

Susan May Keefe well known children's author...  ...read more

Recent Blogs
House and gite for sale...
House and gite for sale

Private Property Sellers Ltd are offering a house and gite for sale. If you are looking to buy a slice of real French village life then this three-bedroom property, situated on a...  ...read more
Your Logo...
Your Logo

  Your Logo. Mother Goose Embroidery can create your logo or design for you. This can then advertise your business or event, or perhaps that special one off personal...  ...read more
Is this your first...
Is this your first little piece of France

Beaux Villages Immobilier are offering a property for sale which could be your first little piece of France!     Situated only 45 minutes from Bordeaux, a...  ...read more
Sometimes biggest is not...
Sometimes biggest is not best

    You may have noticed that our agency keeps a steady portfolio of around 250 active properties. That is because we work as 5 teams within our business, and the number...  ...read more
4 bedroom detached house...
4 bedroom detached house in Gouarec for sale

Bel Air Homes are offering a 4 bedroom detached house at 22570 Gouarec for sale.     Rez-de-chaussée / Ground floor : Hall Salle à manger...  ...read more


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